Disability Insurance

Disability Income Choice Portfolio

Fully-underwritten short- and long-term policies with optional riders give you customized solutions to offer your clients.

Product Advantages

The Disability Income Choice Portfolio gives you a single platform of products, riders and underwriting programs you can use to tailor income protection solutions for:

Individuals | Small business employers | Small business employees

Portfolio Products

Guaranteed renewable with benefit flexibility and affordable premiums designed to help you meet the needs of middle-income consumers, whether sold individually or as part of an employer benefits program:

•Accident Only Disability •Short-Term Disability •Long-Term Disability •Business Overhead Expense (BOE)*

* Pays business operating expenses when the owner becomes disabled and unable to work due to injury or illness.

Benefit Riders

Riders help you include specific coverage that is important to your client. There are several riders at no additional cost. The product portfolio has nine base and eleven optional benefit riders available.

Underwriting Programs

For multi-life situations, you can offer products as employer-paid, employee-paid (voluntary) or a combination of both. Three underwriting programs give you flexibility to meet employer needs:

•Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI)

•Express Standard Issue (ESI)

•Fully Underwritten