Final Expense Insurance

How to maximize the amount of money left for legacy, how to provide coverage for a loss, or if you just want to pay for your future final expenses.

Final Expense Policies

Final Expense Policies are appropriate for two reasons: One, we all know that we will pass on eventually and we can estimate what those costs are going to be. Two, instead of paying, for example, a $10,000 cost on your final expenses, you may only spend $6,000 and have paid up policy with no more payments. You just got, in this example, over 66% gain on your money specifically for the cost of your final expenses. So, in many cases, if you are saying, "I'll just use the money from my savings for my final expenses," then when the time comes you will end up paying more for that expense and leave less to your family. There are also monthly payment options if you don't have a savings built up for those expenses, that way you can fit it in your budget for a small monthly payment to give you full coverage of all your final expenses. Talk to one of our agents to find out what options with what companies would be best.

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